Frequently Asked Questions ... some additional informations.

What do I need to grow my Truffle trees?

Basically You need a plot to plant them, like a garden or even a bigger plot to setup Your own Truffière. Note the location requirements for the truffle cultivation (e.g. no discolored or fertilized soil, pH value at least 6.5 or above, no stunts, avoid places close to a forest) and the planting seasons for the seedlings (autumn or spring). And for sure You need a Truffle tree inoculation kit.

I'm living in a city and don't have an own garden or plot of land. Can I grow my own Truffle trees indoors as well?

Yes, You can. Choosing the right tree partners such as Hazel (Corylus avellana) or Pine will help You much with that, as You can cut them to fit Your space. Using plant containers with enough space for 2 or more Truffle trees (or bushes) will even give You Truffles.

You can also use our dry Truffle seed to fertilize Your Bonsai trees.

Will my Truffle trees produce real Truffles?

Yes, for sure. At least 2 or more trees are necessary for the successful formation of fruit bodies (Truffles). From the third year onwards first Truffles may appear. Later up to 500 gramm of Truffles per tree are possible every year.

What trees can I use?

Suitable tree partners are e.g. Oak, Hazelnut, Hornbeam, Red Beech and others. Grow Your seedlings from tree seeds, or get some pre-germinated tree seeds or pre-grown seedlings from Your local tree nursery or horticulture company. After formation of the first three leaves the roots can be inoculated.

Why should I buy Your kit instead of common pre-inoculated trees?

Most of all, using our inoculation kit reduces Your investment to a fraction of using pre-inoculated trees. Note that 1 kit is sufficient for up to 10 trees. Plus growing Your own Truffles is a nice and exclusive hobby, giving You lots of satisfaction seeing Your Truffle trees thriving and enjoying self cooked gourmet meals from Your self grown Truffles. Just imagine surprising Your family and friends with an exclusive Truffle dish ...

This all sounds perfect to me. Can I also earn some money or establish my own Truffle business?

Whatever You want is fine for us. You can grow Truffle trees and sell them to Your friends and acquaintances, open Your own Truffle tree sales, become a distribution partner of our inoculation kits, or even become a local representative for Your region and build up Your own business network. We offer attractive and individual conditions and discounts for our distribution partners and representatives or Truffle tree dealers, just get in touch with us.